Offering high-efficiency industrial and commercial air conditioning systems. We serve for many different areas, and ensure indoor air quality as well as reliable comfort for your buildings. Also, we meet clients' requirements related to cold storage room, ventilation system, and more.

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  • Commercial Condensing Unit
    Advantages Of Holding Chamber For The Dairy? l l l l Milk Pouches are in pre-cooled condition Maintains temperature of pouch, thus quality of milk Arrests bacteria growth Cools up to 2°C, taking care of distribution loss Refrigerant: R404A Industry Practices – Milk Pouches Holding Product Incoming Temp: 4°C Final Product Temp: 2°C Room Temp: 2°C Evaporating Temp: -3°C Pull Down Time: 4 hrs PUF Thickness: 80-100 mm Product Loading / Batch [LPD] Refrigeration Capacity [kW] Chamber Size [Feet] Required Emerson CDU Model 10000 20 x 15 x 12H 21 KHZ548PQL * 2 TIE-SW, TIO-006 *2 20000 26 x 20 x 15H 38 KHZ576PQL * 2 TCLE-4 1/2 S*2 25000 26 x 24 x 15H 47 KHZ595PAL * 2 TCLE-7 S *2 30000 30 x 24 x 15H 55 KHZ611PAL * 2 TCLE-8 S *2 Solution 1: Scroll CDU l l Product Model: KHZ548PQL *2 Nos. l Refrigerant: R 404A l Capacity: 21 kW l COP: 1.5 Technology: Scroll Solution 2: ZX Scroll CDU l Fully Loaded ZX series l Product Model: ZX060 E*2 Nos. l Refrigerant: R 404A l Capacity: 22 kW l COP: 2.11 l Technology: Scroll l Expansion Valve l Dixell Controller l Digital CDU’s Expansion Valve Dixell Digital Controllers XR02CX / XR30CX Illustrative Example: l Quantity of Milk Pouch to be stored : 10000L (500ml * 20000 Pouches) l Incoming Temp of Milk Pouch : 4°C l Chilling up to 2°C Milk Pouches Holding Chamber Related Emerson Components: l l Heat Load : 21 kW l Recommended Room Size : 20 FT X 10 FT X 12 FT (H) with 100mm PUF l Evaporative Temp : -3°C
  • Blast Freezer
    Mutton Blast Tunnel Type Blast Freezer is the workhorse method of freezing chicken, mutton in food industry. It is also suitable for commercial kitchens for perfect cold storage. Our product is effective in preserving colors, consistency and fragrance properties of your products. In addition to this, the blast freezing offers health and safety benefits. It helps to maintain better tasting & higher quality products. Due to all these features, the Mutton Blast Tunnel Type Blast Freezer is known in commercial food preparation fields.
  • Cold Room
    COLD ROOM AND COLD STORAGE ROOM is the workhorse method of freezing chicken, mutton in food industry. It is also suitable for commercial kitchens for perfect cold storage. Our product is effective in preserving colors, consistency and fragrance properties of your products. In addition to this, the blast freezing offers health and safety benefits. It helps to maintain better tasting & higher quality products. Due to all these features, the COLD ROOM AND COLD STORAGE ROOM is known in commercial food preparation fields.
  • Water Cooled  And Air  Cooled Chiller Plants
    Air-cooled chiller selection involves a standard consideration of your system inputs and requirements. Important chiller specifications generally include whether you need a portable, stationary, or reverse flow style chiller, the needed capacity/tonnage, the required voltage to operate (we offer 50 Hz units under some circumstances – contact us for details), the associated pump horsepower and flow rate (contact us for custom selections), and water connection sizing. One of the most frequently asked about chiller specifications is how to determine sizing/tonnage. Our chiller capacity calculator is usually enough to get the estimates you need to begin gathering quotes for the right industrial chiller for your process.
  • Cold Room Condensing Unit
    Bohnâ€Â™s most energy efficient low ambient head pressure control. This system provides year round control of refrigerant head pressure without the use of special refrigerant expansion valves. Resource II combines the benefits of refrigerant subcooling and reduced discharged pressure during mild ambient conditions. As the ambient temperature falls the receiver pressure is allowed to fall to a minimum of 75° F. saturated condensing pressure. The reduced discharge pressure at the compressor increases the compressor capacity and lowers the input watts from the compressor motor. Resource II also uses the reduced ambient temperature to subcool the liquid refrigerant in the condenser. This subcooled liquid also increases system capacity. As a general rule, every one degree of subcooling results in a 1/2% increase in system capacity. Together these result in greater efficiency, greater capacity, and reduced run time. Benefits â–  Automatic year round control of refrigerant head pressure without the use of special expansion valves. â–  Energy savings in mild ambient conditions due to reduced compressor discharge pressure and refrigerant subcooling. â–  Provides easy restart during low ambient conditions. Operation As the ambient temperature falls, the system condensing pressure is also reduced. This pressure is maintained by a regulator (ORl-6-65/225) at the condenser drain. At approximately 75°F. saturated condensing pressure the regulator restricts the flow of liquid refrigerant from the condenser causing the condenser to flood. This condenser flooding allows the liquid refrigerant in the condenser to become subcooled by the ambient air flowing through the condenser. As the regulator continues to flood the condenser a pressure differential will be established between the receiver and the compressor discharge. At a predescribed differential, a second valve (ORD-4) will open and allow discharge gas from the compressor to bypass the condenser and flow into the top of the receiver. This gas is used to pressurize the receiver. Both the inlet and outlet tubes of the receiver have dip tubes which are immersed in liquid refrigerant. The liquid in the receiver acts as an insulator from the vapor area of the receiver. This unique design minimizes the contact of the hot gas used to pressurize the receiver through the ORD-4 valve. This allows bypass vapor to pressurize the receiver while reheat of the subcooled liquid is minimized. Subcooled liquid is further enhanced by the routing of liquid from the receiver liquid line outlet to the condenser before leaving the condensing unit.
  • Bitzer Condensing Unit
    High cooling capacity, the best anti-corrosion performance of each component, reasonable structure of the air-cooled condensing unit, accurate and reliable operation system.Adopt high efficiency high quality fan, low noise, energy saving. The cooling capacity of the air-cooled condensing unit is 0.5kW ~ 100KW.Evaporation temperature :-45℃- +15℃, stable operation at ambient temperature +43℃. 5hp 8hp 10hp 12hp 15hp Hot Refrigeration Unit Air Cooled Open Type Bitzer Condensing Unit For Cold Storage Room
most popular products
Air Cooled Condensing Unit
5hp 8hp 10hp 12hp 15hp Hot Sale Refrigeration Unit Air Cooled Open Type Bitzer Condensing Unit For Cold Storage Room Condensing units are the the most important component of whole cold room. Condensing unit typically is a high assembly of a refrigeration system which includes an assembly of compressor, condenser, fan motor, controls and a mounting plate. PENGUIN designs and fabricates a versatile line of air cooled, water cooled and remote condensing units ranging from small cold room monoblock refrigeration unit to very large industrial rack refrigeration system.

Welcome To Our Company!

We, Bhoomika Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, would like to bring to our customer's notice that we are the one-stop-solution for those looking for state-of-the-art Refrigeration and Cooling Systems. In the year 2011, our company was established and we have grown on a rapid pace thereafter as a manufacturer, supplier and service provider. Air Conditioning, Commercial Air Conditioning System, Industrial Air Conditioning Systems, Commercial Conditioning Unit, Air Cooled Water Chiller, Cold Storage Room, Banana Ripening Chamber, Transport Refrigeration System, Chicken Cold Room, Mutton Cold Room, Mango Cold Room, Chocolate Cold Room, Pharma Cold Room etc.  are the few types of cooling systems are company provides. Top- grade components sourced from authentic market dealers are utilized for the products manufacturing.

Our chilling plants find their application in commercial and industrial sectors such as schools, hospitals, hotels, dairy plants, storing chambers, chemical industry and many other. In all these sectors we try on providing specific tailor- made solutions to meet with the exact customer or industrial requirements. Our systems long operational life and robust structure has won it immense appreciation and we are glad that it is able to win our customer's satisfaction.  

What We Offer?

An assortment of sophisticated chilling plants and refrigeration systems are manufactured and supplied in our company, which we have highlighted below:

  • Agro Product Cold Room
  • Bakery Products Cold Room
  • Banana Ripening Chamber
  • Banana Ripening Machine
  • Bhoomika Cold Room Panels
  • Bhoomika Cold Rooms
  • Blast Cold Room
  • Blue Star Cod Room
  • Butter Cold Rooms
  • Cheese Cold Room
  • Cheese Cold Storage
  • Chemical Cold Room
  • Chemical Cold Storage
  • Chemical Industry Cold Room
  • Chicken Cold Room
  • Chocolate Cold Room
  • Chocolate Cold Storage
  • Clean Room Laboratory
  • Clean Room Panels
  • Coffee Cold Room
  • Coffee Cold Storage
  • Cold Room
  • Cold Room Carrier Machine
  • Cold Room Cooling System
  • Cold Room Cooling Unit
  • Cold Room For Dairy Products
  • Cold Room Freezer Units
  • Cold Room Panels
  • Cold Room Refrigeration
  • Cold Room Refrigeration Equipment
  • Cold Storage Insulation Materials
  • Cold Store Plant
  • Dairy Cold Rooms
  • Dairy Milk Cold Room
  • Drugs Cold Room Storage
  • Drugs Cold Storage

  • Emerson Cold Room
  • Fish Frozen Cold Room
  • Flower Cold Room
  • Frozen Cold Room
  • Frozen Pea Storage Cold Room
  • Fruit Ripening Cold Room
  • Hospital Clean Room
  • Hospital Cold Room
  • Icecream Cold Room
  • Icecube Cold Rooms
  • Icecube Cold Storage
  • Ideal Storage Conditions For Pharmaceuticals
  • Kela Plant
  • Medicine Cold Room
  • Milk Cold Rooms
  • Milk Cold Storage
  • Mineral Water Cold Rooms
  • Mineral Water Cold Storage
  • Mobile Cold Room
  • Nestle Coffee Cod Room
  • Pea Storage Cold Room
  • Pharmaceuticals Cold Room
  • Pulse Cold Room
  • Pulse Cold Storage
  • Refrigerated Trucks
  • Ripening Chamber
  • Seafood Cold Room
  • Seafood Cold Storage
  • Spices Cold Room
  • Spices Cold Storage
  • Transportation Cold Rooms
  • Vegetable Cold Room
  • Vegetable Cold Storage
  • Walk In Cold Room Temperature
  • Walk In Cooler Freezer Combo
  • Walk In Freezers

Our Sound Facilities

Ever since we came into existence, we haven't faced any troubles in executing any of our work operations as we a fully supported by advanced infrastructure facilities. Our production unit is aided with latest manufacturing machinery and components that are required in developing high end chilling plants and systems. We also have the support of experienced research and development specialists who with the use of modern technologies find out new developments of our industry. On receiving the orders we deliver the consignments to client's location within the given frame of time.

Our Company Principles

Apart from gaining success for our organization we also seek to attain a reputable name in the market for which we make sure that we stick by our principles. We have mentioned few of these below:

  • Honesty: To be honest with our clients
  • Integrity: To be respectful towards all our associated people
  • Quality: To always provide quality solutions in the market
  • Transparency: To be transparent and fair in our business dealings
  • Positivity: To maintain healthy environment at work place and be positive
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